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ML1 Minilyzer

ML1 Technical Specifications    
NTi ML1 Minilyzer

The Minilyzer ML1 is a powerful, complete audio analyser in a palm-sized format. Its comprehensive set of measurement functions simplify the process of system verification, diagnostics and repair of audio installations. The smart user interface aids operators of all skill levels by setting all ranges automatically and providing complete results on a single screen.


  • Level

Continuously measures absolute input levels in volts, dBu or dBV and the signal frequency. Relative measurements are also supported. Connecting a MiniSPL class 2 measurement microphone supports basic SPL and LEQ measurements.

  • THD+N

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) and 2nd to 5th selective harmonic distortion may be measured and displayed either as dB value or percentage. Input level and frequency measurement runs in parallel and balance indicator is invaluable for finding defective cables.

  • Frequency Sweep

The ML1 analyser automatically triggers to a sweep sequence with any step width and records the frequency response. The Minirator MR2 or MR-PRO may be used as signal source. After capture all sweep data is available.

  • Polarity

Incorrectly wired speakers can easily be identified by placing the ML1 in the sound field of the speaker under test and its polarity will be displayed. The same measurement through the XLR input is ideal for cable tests.

  • Time Sweep

Intermittent faults are often hard to find. The time sweep records the RMS level, frequency and the THD+N value simultaneously, helping to monitor the audio signal during a long period of time for later analysis.

  • Scope

Provides a quick and robust look at the waveform of the balanced audio signal, ideal for pinpointing clipping amplifiers and other faults. The scope has auto-scale and auto-trigger functionality, rare in devices in the price range of the ML1.

  • 1/3rd Octave Analyser

Equalise sound systems using the 1/3rd octave analyser. Using pink noise as a stimulus the frequency response of the sound system is displayed on the Minilyzer screen. The peak frequency display aids in reducing feedback.

  • VU/ppm

The ML1 features both a VU meter and also a peak programme meter (ppm) enabling accurate setting and measuring of signal levels for many applications including broadcast.

  • Induction Loop Measurements (AFILS)

The ML1 Minilyzer together with the optional MiniLINK USB interface measures induction loops according standard IEC60118. A complete measurement menu following the standard can be enabled including calibration to customer field sensors.

Product code: ML1 :: NTI 600 000 011
ML1 palm sized analyser £POA

Soft Pouch

The soft pouch protects your Analyzer against shock and dust. With its convenient belt-clip, you can keep your Acoustilyzer closely for those tasks that require both hands.

Soft pouch for ML1
Product code: ML1-POUCH :: NTI 600 000 012
Soft pouch for ML1 analyser £POA

MiniSPL Microphone

The MiniSPL is a battery powered measuring microphone. It is the perfect accessory for the Acoustilyzer. Factory calibrated. Supplied with Mic clamp, wind protection and individual calibration chart.


MiniSPL Class 2 measurement microphone
Product code: MINISPL :: NTI 600 000 022
1/2" SPL measurement microphone £POA

MiniLINK Software

The MiniLINK, the optional USB interface and PC Software, allows documentation and data acquisition of all ML1/AL1/DL1 functions. With MiniLINK the instruments are able to store and transfer screen shots and measurement data for post processing.


Product code: MINILINK :: NTI 600 000 033
MiniLINK USB PC Interface £POA

ML1/AL1 Crossgrade

The ML1 - AL1 Crossgrade package enables loading the Acoustilyzer AL1 firmware onto the Minilyzer. For more details on the functionality see Acoustilyzer AL1.

AL1/ML1 Crossgrade software package
Product code: ML1/AL1 CROSSGRADE :: NTI 800 000 012
Software to swap AL1 to ML1 and vice versa £POA

Minstruments System Case

Store your valuable Minstruments in this compact system case with with adequate extra space for your cables and connectors for those "out in the field" jobs. Fits AL1, DL1, DR2, ML1, MR1, MR-PRO. Not suitable for XL2.

AL1/ML1/DL1 minstruments system case
Product Code: MINSTRUMENTS-CASE :: NTI 600 000 020
Minstruments system case for AL1/DL1/DR2/ML1/MR1/MR-PRO £POA

Calibration Certificate

Although the ML1 is factory calibrated before despatch it is not routinely supplied with a calibration certificate but one may be bought if required.

Product code: ML1-CALIBRATION-CERT :: NTI 600 000 018
ML1 calibration certificate when initially purchased with new ML1 meter £POA
Product code: ML1-RECALIBRATION+CERT :: NTI 600 000 015
Factory recalibration of ML1 with certificate £POA