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NTi Audio Test Equipment

Selecting the appropriate test equipment can sometimes be problematic especially where there is a function overlap between different pieces of test equipment. In order to aid the selection of the correct kit for the job here is a brief overview of the NTi test equipment range. RK Sound Engineering will always be happy to help with product selection and remember we use this equipment ourselves so we can share the benefits of our experience with you.

XL2 handheld audio and acoustic analyser
NTi XL2 audio and acoustic analyser
XL2 + M4260 microphone

An all-in-one audio and acoustic analyser perfectly suited for use in installations, live sound, studio, broadcast and environmental noise measurements.

  • Sound level meter
    • Actual level, Lmin, Lmax, Leq are measured with frequency weightings A, C, Z and time weightings Fast and Slow
    • All measurement results available simultaneously
    • Data logging to removable Mini-SD card (including real time)
    • WAV file recording of measured sound levels
    • Class 1 accuracy
  • Real time analyser
    • Wide band measurements and simultaneous octave and third octave resolution
  • FFT anlayser
  • Optional extended acoustic pack offers additional sound level and acoustical measurements
    • Statistical distribution percentiles for wideband and RTA levels
    • Impulse time weighting
    • Hi resolution FFT
    • Uncompressed WAV file recording
    • Digital I/O interface
    • and more
  • RT60 measurements
  • Delay time measurements
  • Speech intelligibility STI-PA measurements (option)
  • Audio analyser
    • level
    • distortion
    • frequency


Handheld test equipment for use with analogue audio signals.

MR2 Minirator
MR2 minirator - audio signal generator


Audio generator producing a range of analogue test signals for calibration, maintenance and repair of audio equipment.

  • Sine output
  • Pink noise
  • White noise
  • Test signal for measuring speaker or cable polarity
  • Test signal for measuring propagation delays


MR-PRO Minirator
MR-PRO audio signal generator


Audio generator based on the MR2 but with

  • Increased (and flatter) output level
  • Lower residual distortion
  • Lower output impedance
  • Proprietary wave files (*.WAV)

also incorporates the following measurement functions

  • XLR Cable Tester
  • Phantom Power Measurement
  • Balance
  • Impedance and Phase
  • Apparent Power and Phase (for 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker systems)


ML1 Minilyzer
NTi ML1 Minilyzer

Powerful palm sized audio analyser, its measurement functions simplifies system verification, diagnostics and repairs of simple and complex audio installations.

  • Frequency sweep (Minirator MR2 or MR-PRO as signal source)
  • Measures total harmonic distortion and noise (THD+N)
  • Measures absolute input levels in volts, dBu or dBV and its frequency
  • Speaker polarity
  • Cable polarity via XLR input
  • Time sweep records RMS level, frequency and THD+N vlaue simultaneously for later analysis
  • Scope with auto-scale and auto-trigger functionality


AL1 Acoustilyzer

Handheld analyser with a wide range of acoustical measurement functions indispensable for sound contractors, installers and AV specialists.

NTi AL1 Acoustilyzer
  • Sound level meter
  • Real time analyser
  • Zoom FFT
  • RT60 reverberation time measurements
  • Delay time measurements
  • Speech intelligibility (STIPA) measurements
  • PC connectivity through USB interface with software for data logging


Handheld test equipment for use with digital audio signals.

DR2 Digirator
NTi DR2 digital audio generator

A reference grade digital audio signal generator suitable for the verification and adjustment of professional Dolby Digital, Dolby E and DTS installations.

  • AES3, S/PDIF, TOS-Link and ADAT outputs
  • Full range of digital audio test signals generated
  • Proprietary user test signals (uncompressed .WAV stored in memory).
  • Multi channel bit stream file play back. Dolby Digital, Dolby E and DTS - 5.1 test sequences stored on the unit’s flash disc.
  • Multi format sync input with 3 selectable input impedances.
  • Channel status monitoring in pro or consumer format
  • Stored preset configurations (10)

the following measurement functions are available

  • Channel Transparency Check
  • Channel Delay Measurement
DL1 Digilyzer

The Digilyzer DL1 is a powerful but easy to use hand held digital audio analyzer.

NTi DL1 Digilyzer
  • Channel status display
  • Bit statistics
  • Event logger aids diagnosis of intermittent problems
  • Audio monitoring of signal to headphones output
  • Auto trigger and auto ranging scope
  • Peak level measurements & RMS measurement techniques including THD+N and high pass filters, allowing easy verification and debugging of dual domain devices like AD converters.
  • Frequency sweep measurements
  • Combined vu + PPM meter (vu = volume unit) with numerical maximum hold and over indicators. Reference grade performance with up to 40 screen updates per second.