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The Digital Dividend Review has brought upheaval to users of wireless microphones. We have spoken to clients who are abreast of the changes and some (even at this late stage) who are only just learning about them. I feel sure there are those who are still unaware of the frequency changes.

While implementing a change of frequency for one of our clients we used a frequency scanning system to find out what other transmissions were occurring at that location. It turned out to be a very useful exercise and a service I feel could be useful to other people. Several problems can occur with radio microphone transmissions and to be able to correctly assess and remedy a problem it is important to know what is happening and not just guess at the probabilities.

A typical RF scan
A typical RF scan

We can scan a wide spectrum of frequencies or just a particular channel, and then provide a plot. We can also compare signal strengths for different aerial systems or locations. It gave me a whole new insight into wireless microphone reception at the location where we were working and we could do the same for you.

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